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1 Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

2 Dentist


Introduction: Using fissure sealants on the occlusal surfaces of primary and permanent molar teeth is one of the most effective methods in the prevention of caries in children. Because of the certain problems in children such as lack or weakness of cooperation with the dentist, lack of patience in long duration treatments and difficulty in the control of secretary saliva, finding the shortest etching time effective in the retention of fissure sealants and reducing the duration of treatment is an important factor in the success rate of this preventive method.Materials and Method: The research was conducted on 360 molar teeth (200 second primary molars and 160 first permanent molars) in the Shirazian 6-10 year-olds students. After selection of the appropriate teeth not having any decay or enamel hypoplasia or resorption, and after appropriate isolation, the etching procedure in 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds was done using 37% solution of phosphoric acid. After irrigation for about 30 seconds and drying the tooth for about 20 seconds the sealants is put on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth were and polymerized by the light cure device for 20 seconds. After 3,6 and 9 months follow-up periods, the retention of the fissure sealant material on the both groups of molar teeth was evaluated. The effect of etching time on the retention of this material on the occlusal fissures of the molar teeth was evaluated and the retention of sealants on the primary and permanent molars was then compared.Results: This study showed that, the most appropriate etching time for both the second primary and first permanent molars was 30 seconds, and the longer the etching time, the lower was the retention of sealant on the mentioned teeth. The first permanent molars were more appropriate for sealant therapy in comparison with the second primary molars and the sealant material is more retentive in this group of teeth.Conclusion: The most appropriate etching time for sealant therapy of the second primary as well as the first permanent molar teeth is 30 seconds. The retention of sealants in primary second molars is somewhat lower than permanent first molar teeth and all the important factors in different steps of sealant therapy more showed be considered precisely for improving the success rate of this procedure in primary molar teeth.Key words: Fissure sealants, Etching time, Second primary molars, First permanent molars