Document Type: Original Article


1 Dept. of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, Dental Material Research Center, Babol University of Medical Science, Babol, Iran

2 Dentist, Private Practice


Statement of Problems: Amoxicillin–Metronidazole in conjunction with mechanical therapy such as scaling and root planning (SRP) is an effective adjunctive method for treatment of chronic periodontitis. The use of Co–Amoxiclave as a single medical therapy has been of interest because of its similar therapeutic effects as compared with the compounds mentioned above. Purpose: The aim of this study was to compare the effects of Amoxicillin-Metronidazole and  Farmentin (a new compound of Co- Amoxiclave) in treatment of Moderate Chronic Periodontitis. Methods and Material: In this experimental single blind study, 60 patients (30 females and 30 males) with choronic moderate perdontitis and with an average age of 30-50 years old were evaluated. Scalling and root planning (SRP) and oral health instruction (OHI) were done for all the patients. They were divided into three groups. Group one received Farmentin and group two received Amoxicillin–Metronidazole for one week. Group three didn't receive any antibiotic.Periodontical Disease Index (PDI), Gingival Index (GI), Modified Papillary Bleeding Index (MPBI), Plaque index (PLI), and probing packet Depth (PPD) were measured in their first visits, one week after scaling and before taking medicine, 1,3,6 weeks after taking medicine and 2 ,3 months later. Finally, all the data were statistically analyzed by Anova and Tukey test.Result: None of the parameters under the study showed a statistically significant difference between groups 1 and 2 ( P0.05). During the treatment GI showed a significant difference between the test and control groups (p <0.05). MPBI in the  test and control groups was significantly different one week after scaling and  follow ups. There were significant differences between the two test groups and control in PLI, one week after taking medicine. Also, there were significant differences between groups 1 and 3 (p=0.049, p=0.007) and groups 2 and 3 ( p =0.044, p =0.028) in the 4 latest follow up for PPD and PDI.Conclusion: Both Farmentin and Amoxicillin-Metronidazole in conjunction with mechanical therapy (SRP) have similar effects in treatment of chronic moderate periodontitis; however, they are more effective than SRP alone.Key words: Periodontitis, Co- Amoxiclave, Amoxicillin-Metronidazole