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1 Dept. of Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

2 Dentist


Statement of problem: Evaluation of patients’ satisfaction could be a good index for assessing and improving the future dental care and it has a positive role in elimination of defaults.Purpose: This study was designed to measure satisfaction rate of those patients who referred to Shiraz Dental School with a hope to solve some of the problems in this school.Materials and Method: In this cross-sectional study, 300 patients with different age ranges, filled in a questionnaire containing demographic information such as age, sex, career and education and also some questions about the students’ behaviors toward patients and their ability in handling dental care, personnel’s behavior, hygiene conditions of different departments and guide signs helping patients in finding related departments. The results were analyzed statistically using ANOVA. 21 graphs in relation to 21 questions were prepared. Comparison of satisfaction rate among different departments was shown by 7 graphs.Results: 87.5% of the patients were completely satisfied with the health care provided. %84.5 noted that they would prefer to choose this center for further dental care, if needed. Thirty seven percent were satisfied with the appointments procedures. 44.5% were satisfied since all their dental needs were performed in dental school. Fifty five percent were satisfied with the student’s clinical capabilities. Pediatric department gained the first rank among other departments in this satisfaction evaluation.Conclusion: Most of the patients were satisfied with their dental care provided in Shiraz dental school, but in some instances such as student’s clinical capabilities, pain control and students- patient relationship, there were some deficits that should be considered in course plans.Key words: Personal satisfaction, Treatment, Dental School, Shiraz