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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, School of Dentistry, Gilan University of Medical Sciences

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Nephrology, Gilan University of Medical Sciences

3 Dentist


Statement of Problem: According to some studies, diagnosis of carotid artery calcification in panoramic radiography could be a good marker and an aid for the prediction and prevention of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular accidents. Doppler sonography is an important diagnostic method for the recognition of calcified atheroma and carotid artery stenosis,Purpose: With respect to the importance of the recognition of calcified atheroma and vast usage of panoramic radiography in dental treatments, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the degree of agreement between panoramic radiography and Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of   calcified carotid artery.Materials and Method: In this descriptive-analytic study, panoramic radiographs were taken from 35 nephrolo‌‌gic and neurologic patients with carotid Doppler sonography, in order to evaluate calcified carotid atheroma. Panoramic radiographs were designed in a form that, the most of cervical vertebrae height to the level of the 4th and 5th intervertebral spaces, could be seen. The data related to the presence or absence of calcified atheroma in Doppler sonography and panoramic radiography were collected by SPSS software. The degree of agreement between the two methods was evaluated by Kappa analysis.Results: Panoramic radiograph and Doppler sonography in both male and female patients in right side showed an average to good agreement rate. Overall, this agreement in patients with cerebrovascular complications without paying any attention to the affected side was from good to average degree.Conclusion: The presence of linear and nodular opacities in the level of 3rd-4th or 4th-5th intervertebral spaces in panoramic radiography especially at the right side could be considered serious. If positive risk factors are also present, the patients could be referred, with great confidence and economical justification, for precise medical examinations, (Doppler Sonography).Key words: Carotid arteries, Panoramic radiography, Doppler color ultrasonography