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Background: Gingivitis is the most common oral disease that involves various areas of the mouth with different degree and intensity. The beginning of gingivitis is seen in age 5, and its prevalence is increased with age. There are different opinions about the involved areas that are most commonly or most severely affected in epidemiological researches. This study was designed to determine the pattern and distribution of gingivitis and to compare the prevalence and severity of gingivitis in involved areas.Materials and methods:  In this investigation, 659 randomly selected cases of school children were evaluated with periodontal Russel Index. The results of this study were compared to those of others.Results: The findings showed that %43.5 of the students had gingivitis and its prevalence was more in boys than girls and more in the lower Jaw than the upper one. The prevalence and severity of the disease was more in the molar area than the incisor area and the most affected teeth were the first molars. The prevalence of gingivitis was almost similar in the right and left sides but its intensity was a little more in the right side. The most affected age was 15 years old.Conclusion: High incidence of gingivitis indicates that oral hygiene measures are poor among Booshehri school children and need much more attention and consideration.Key words: Gingivitis, Distribution, Gingiva