Document Type: Review Article


1 Assistant Professor of Periodontics Department, School of Dentistry, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

2 Periodontist


The relation between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases has been of interest in recent years. Cardiovascular diseases in the developed countries account for 50% of the mortality rate and are the principal causes of death. Periodontitis, one of the most common diseases of human, is an infectious condition that can result in inflammatory destruction of the peridontal ligament and alveolar bone. Periodontitis and atherosclerosishave complex etiologies like genetics and gender, and they potentially share many risk factors, the most significant of which may be smoking. A number of studies have shown a significant relationship between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases, but the need for further studies of new definitions of relationship between them especially in women seems to be demanded.Key words: Periodontal infectious diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Periodontal diseases as a risk factor