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Assistant Professor of Periodontic Department, School of Dentistry, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences


The present clinical trial was designed to evaluate the regeneration potential of the periodontal tissues in degree II mandibular molar furcation defects, using rubber dam as the barrier membrane to achieve guided tissue regeneration. 22 pairs of degree II mandibular furcation involvements at buccalor lingual side from 10 healthy adult periodontitis patients having the age range at 27-58 years were studied. Each patient had symmetrical degree II furcation invasion located of right & left side of mandibular jaw. Two months after completion of phase I, base line clinical measurements were taken and the two symmetrical class II furcation lesions in each subject were randomly assigned either to test or to control treatment procedure. The same sequence of surgicalprocedures were used for test & control side except placement of rubber dam at the test area. After completion of surgery, interdental suturing and post operative care were given. Doxycyclin 100 mg two times daily for two weeks & chlorhexidin 0.2% for 6 weeks were prescribed. Sutures were removed after two weeks & rubber dam were removed after 6 weeks. Six months post surgery, clinical measurements were retaken and surgical reentry performed and hard tissue measurements repeated. Comparing the results of the test and control sites with the exception of recessions which were more pronounced at the test sites, all other parameters showed more improvements on the test sites indicating thepotential of rubber dam as a barrier membrane to cause guided tissue regeneration and promote healing of furcation lesions.Key words: GTR, Furcation involvement, Rubber dam, Clinical study