Document Type: Case Report


1 Dept. of Periodontics, Tagore Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai, India.

2 Dept. of Prosthodontics, Tagore Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai, India.


Periodontal regeneration in a one-wall intrabony defect is a challenging and complex phenomenon. The combination therapy of commercially available bone grafts with the innovative tissue engineering strategy, the platelet rich plasma, has emerged as a promising grafting modality for two and three walled intrabony osseous defects. The application of this combination approach was attempted in a most challenging one-wall intrabony defect. Open flap debridement and placement of combination of autologous platelet rich plasma(PRP) and demineralized bone matrix was done in one-wall intrabony defect in relation to tooth #21 in a 30 year old female patient. The 6-month follow- up results showed significant improvement in clinical parameters. Radiographic evidence of bone formation was observed as early as 3 months with almost complete fill by 6 months post-operatively. The results were maintained over a period of 2 years.